Healing Your Core Archetypes

Living free from self sabotage, reclaiming your power, and clearing the path to your highest potential

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Healing Your Core Archetypes: A Journey of Empowerment

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Welcome to Healing Your Core Archetypes

I created this program as an expression of my own healing journey and decade long experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner.  Wanting to truly understand the root cause of illness, I researched and studied all aspects of body-mind healing.  Drawing from many experts in their respective field, this program integrates the work of psychology, energy medicine, mindfulness, and holistic healing.  

Understand The Root Cause

What is the true root cause of my illness?  Why do some people heal and others do not?  When we understand our core survival archetypes, we unpack the true origins of our current health challenges.

Unpack Your Soul Contracts

Once we have explored our core archetypes, we begin to see the contracts that we have come into this lifetime to work through.  We heal our core wound and reclaim the medicine within.

Unlock Your Potential

As we explore our core archetypes and review our old contracts, we begin to reclaim our personal power and align with our highest potential.  We access the unique gift that we are here to share with the world.

Meet Your Core Archetypes

Heal your inner child.

Rewrite your victim story.  

Overcome self sabotage.

Reclaim your self worth.

Heal your mother and father lineage.

Access your own divinity.


Greg has completed the journey of the Wounded Healer.  He has explored the very depths of himself, his soul, and been trained by me for 2.5 years.  He has knowledge and experience in the fine art of helping people get to the core of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges and guide them back to well-being.  Greg is highly skilled, experienced, patient, empathetic, compassionate, and loving as a coach, therapist, and leader. 

Anyone blessed with Greg’s support and guidance will be “Blessed.”

Paul Chek
Founder of CHEK Institute

A Journey of Empowerment

Our core archetypes represent our relationship with our own power.  We often give away our power to ensure safety and security.  On this journey together, we will reclaim our personal power and move towards greater freedom and empowerment.  

Mae Steigler

CEO of Organifi

Going through Greg's program was an incredibly eye opening experience. Ive always been fascinated in building a greater sense of self awareness to best play to my natural strengths and the archetypes were such a powerful way to do this. Specifically, Greg's expert guidance and facilitation led to such a deep and clear interpretation. I highly recommend working with Greg as a coach, you'll benefit from his in depth approach and the support offered. 

Chase and Mimi

My partner and I had the immense privilege to work with Greg recently. I was excited, but I didn’t really know what to expect so I think I was a little skeptical of exactly how it would add to my life. But wow, it ended up being a deep dive into myself and all the different aspects of my being. I learned so much about my true nature, my tendencies and how to create more balance in life. Greg was invaluable in this process— providing guidance from a grounded, non-judgmental place. His knowledge is staggering.  

Mike Salemi

In working one on one with Greg it was quickly apparent to me the depth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom he carries as a teacher and guide.  Our work together specifically involved the archetype and I found how he facilitated the process to be exceptional in helping me walk away with a framework full of gems that have continued to serve me in my work, relationship, and self care in a solid way today. If you are interested in working with Greg, you will be in great hands. I can’t recommend him enough.

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Heal your core archetypes and live free from self sabotage

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