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Healing The Mind: A Journey To Wholeness

21 Day Guided Program

Access your new program anywhere, anytime on any device with easy to learn videos with quick powerful practices to release self sabotage, racing thoughts and chronic stress in just minutes a day.

Understand the Root Cause of Illness

Why do we get sick? What is the root cause of illness?

Is it our nutrition, relationships, environment, or belief systems? The answer is yes to all. In this program, you will learn what the root cause of our ailments are and how to begin to repattern and resolve these imbalances from within.

Decrease Stress Levels

Stress has been shown to be the #1 root cause of almost all ailments, both physically and mentally. Stress on any level, whether it is in the mind, emotions, body, or environment, creates an overall stress load. In this program, you will learn how to permanently integrate practices to begin to lower this overall stress load and find more balance and harmony to live your best life.

Increase Mental Clarity

The practices shared in this program have been used for thousands of years to heal the body, calm the mind, and increase mental clarity. Unique healing practices such as breathwork, Tai Chi, meditation, and much more will bring you to a state of peace, inner calm, and equilibrium that you will learn to embody inside of 21 days.

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Live life free from self sabotage, racing thoughts and stress through HTM Embodiment™

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Hi my friend.

My name is Greg Schmaus. 

I serve as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Healer. My journey began with my own healing: for many years, I struggled with anxiety, OCD, and gut issues.

As I went on this healing journey, I began to have a great appreciation for the interconnectedness of our being.  

I began to understand how our body, mind, and emotions are all one system and how we take care of one element of ourselves influences all others. 

The way in which we feed ourselves influences not just our body, but our mind and emotions. 

How we care for the garden of our thoughts and emotions shows up in the physical body. 

This program is a reflection of my journey, my discoveries, and the curriculum that my soul chose so I can now share these teachings and practices with you inside 21 days!

This program is perfect for YOU if:

  • You are ready to heal and fully engage the process as your own best healer.
  • You tried allopathic approaches or temporary fixes but are still left at square one
  • You want to optimize your being physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually

If you wait, tomorrow will be just like today...

  • If we continue to postpone our healing journey....
  • We will continue to get what we’ve always gotten
  • We will continue to self sabotage 
  • We will continue to feel disempowered and look for “quick fixes”

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Frequently Asked Questions

3 Weeks That Will Change Your Life

Week 1: Foundation

  • Proper nutrition for mental & emotional health - the foods and nutrients to consume for optimal neurology
  • Sleep optimization, sleep hygiene, and active/passive rest 
  • The science of breathing and various breathwork practices
  • Working out vs. working in and using the body to still the mind and balance the nervous system
  • Processing emotions and using EFT to release trapped emotions 
  • How the mind works & how to work with challenging thoughts
  • How to design routines, ritual, and sacred time for self care
  • Powerful and practical self study resources to create neuroplasticity and groove new pathways

Week 2: Elevation

  • Establishing your purpose in life 
  • The power of choice and healing the choice point
  • Using mindfulness to bring awareness to the parts of ourselves in need of healing
  • Explore various meditation practices to cultivate the Witness and the ability to rise above the mind
  • Exploring the shadow, what it is, and why we must heal and integrate these lost soul parts
  • Understanding the root causes of addiction and how to heal our core addictions
  • Nonviolent Communication and integrating our mindful awareness into all relationships
  • Embody the key virtues that matter most when it comes to healing the mind

Week 3: Integration

  • How the four seasons in nature live right inside of us and how to manage our own seasonal rhythms
  • Understanding the four elements of nature and utilizing them as a tool for personal self management 
  • Exploring the law of polarity and how we can begin to transcend these laws into healing
  • Understanding our four levels of consciousness and how to balance these for optimal health
  • Diving deeper into more advanced meditation practices for greater awareness 
  • Putting it all together into one working system
  • Resources and further coaching program options

What Are Top Health & Mindset Professionals Saying About The HTM™ 21 Day Program?

Josh Trent

Greg is truly a warrior of light and a man who is committed to bringing higher consciousness to this world. It has been an absolute honor to spotlight his work on my Wellness Force podcast as well as become a colleague, friend, and mentor to the incredible value and gifts that Greg brings to his clients across the planet. It is a deep honor to know Greg and to learn from him when it comes to all things emotional intelligence, mental health, and true embodiment.

I believe wholeheartedly that the HTM 21 day program will change literally thousands of lives.

Dr. Cliff Oliver RN, DC

There’s an old saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”
Working over the years with Greg, I can emphatically say he not only went to the
water but also drank voraciously from the well of health and wellbeing. There is a
huge difference between learning from a book/school/video and the real world
experience of the roller coaster of life, learning, implementing and producing
results. Greg has done the later in spades. I enthusiastically recommend working
with him.

Paul Chek

Greg has completed the journey of the Wounded Healer.  He has explored the very depths of himself, his soul, and been trained by me for 2.5 years.  He has knowledge and experience in the fine art of helping people get to the core of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges and guide them back to well-being.  Greg is highly skilled, experienced, patient, empathetic, compassionate, and loving as a coach, therapist, and leader. 

Anyone blessed with Greg’s support and guidance will be “Blessed.”

Special Low Price (Limited Time)

Live life free from self sabotage, racing thoughts and stress through HTM Embodiment™

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HTM™ Client Testimonials 


Michael Schmidt MD

Greg is a wonderful trainer, coach, and man. His maturity is beyond his years. He has contributed greatly to my physical, mental and spiritual health. The time and effort he exerts into individualizing each client’s program is unparalleled.

Peter, NY

Working with Greg has had an immense impact on my wellbeing and overall health.  I have experienced a profound transformation in the way I manage stress level, sleep, nutrition, exercise and overall level of energy. 
Greg helped me find the tools to evaluate all aspects of my well-being, myself, and showed me how to significantly improve it. 

Gideon Kamil

Greg has been a game changer. Not only has he helped me get rid of a chronic shoulder issue his knowledge of physiology nutrition meditation mind body connection is second to none. His ability  to teach and connect with clients is truly awesome.

George, CAN

Greg is a wonderful human being and the best kind of coach because he lives what he knows, and he shares his continuous learning with generosity.

I came to him for his authenticity, because like him, I suffer with OCD.

The is no substitute to working with a person whose mastery has come out of a profound understanding through experience.

His wealth of knowledge has assisted me in creating what amounts to a healthy operating strategy. Beyond this though – it has to be said that he’s just a great guy.

He allows himself to be seen and in doing that put me immediately at ease. One of the best investments I’ve made.

Kevin, IRL

What I loved about working with Greg is that he meets you exactly as you are. I found there were no heavy expectations, no ‘shoulds’ and no ‘should nots’. From the get go you are accepted. From the get go your health is your choice. Everything we discussed was open and exploratory and Greg used his own personal experience as a guiding light throughout the process. Many practitioners in Greg’s position succumb to the pressure of ‘I should be the one who knows’ and in doing so they digress from their inner truth. I found Greg prioritized his truth, sharing with me what he does and does not know and how he molds both these facets of existence into a healthy and connected exploration of the game of life. Our conversations were genuine and profoundly healing in and of themselves.

If you are looking for truth, connection and understanding within yourself and you feel a guiding light would be of use then I would personally recommend working with Greg.

Thank you for everything brother!


Nicole, IL

Greg is a skilled, empathetic practitioner with a refreshing approach.  I strongly recommend working with him.  He has been through his own set of challenges that are relatable and make the whole process feel very authentic and not at all clinical.  It is very clear that he deeply loves and is passionate about his work; he genuinely cares about his clients.  I think it truly is a calling for him.

When I first began sessions with Greg, I had been feeling like I was on the verge of getting over a hump for quite some time, but I hadn’t encountered the right teacher to help me understand how to get myself over the hump (perhaps because I wasn’t ready).  As they say, when the student is ready the teacher appears. Greg appeared when I became ready.  

Caleb, NC

In just under 10 sessions, Greg has helped me get a solid grip on my OCD and achieve a more balanced and happy life.

In addition, Greg has sent me multiple guided meditations and has been extremely flexible with me regarding scheduling.

I highly recommend Greg for anyone dealing with mental health issues or anyone wanting to achieve a more natural balance in their life.

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Live life free from self sabotage, racing thoughts and stress through HTM Embodiment™

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